Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I don't know what to say...

so I'll start with the best part.
Watch this:

My sister and I have always been unofficial video critics, not that we have an credentials, it's more of a hobby I guess. When I first saw this video, I had to call her and tell her about it. She was so annoyed because she was up at 2:30 AM working on her portfolio. But I just felt strongly the NEED to share. I'd be lying if I sad I didn't LOVE the red kegger cups in the backyard party, that was amazing. And the drive thru at Taco Bell with the girls, so funny too. But then she's in this plane, all "glamorous" and by herself. So I get her fame hasn't changed her, but really it has. Anyway, not that great, right. THEN, out of no where she's in the desert with Ludacris in a Bonnie and Clyde scene. It was so damn funny. I was laughing at the confusion this video caused me. Literally, laughing. I loved it, of course. Who wouldn't? It was that bad.