Sunday, November 11, 2007

My baby is growing up...

Kate turned 4 yesterday. The party was exhausting, stressful(just for me), completely chaotic and so fun! The dancing and pinata were the biggest hits I think. Those kids are all so dang cute! Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a good time! We have good friends and family. And thanks to all of Kate's cute friends and cousins for the amazing gifts! She's been playing toys non-stop.

TARA SIDE NOTE: Tara was completely embarrassed that I had my work friends' husband put together the Polly pocket "race to the mall" track. And her comments to Sally after the party were, "I'm never having kids, but if I do, they aren't having birthday parties".... LOL... it wasn't that bad. She'll eat her words, unlike she ate the cupcakes.

Love ya all! If you want to see all the pictures, just let me know and I'll send you the Costco link!

Here's some pics! The one above is with her 'boyfriend' Izzy. (He's also Kaitlin's boyfriend, you could say he's a ladies man, obviously!) SO CUTE!

More cute pics: